USCBAR: Black Alumni Reunion
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        Homecoming Weekend - October 26 - 28, 2017
     USC Black Alumni Reunion | October 27 - 29, 2017

    USC BAR Planning Committee

    Our Planning Committee includes several individuals who dedicate their time and effort to maintaining good memories of our beloved Alma Mater during Homecoming.

    Family Affair Tailgate
    Jermaine Britton
    Russell Brown
    Veronica Dawkins
    Tracie Dobson
    Andrea Fleming
    Terrell Howard
    Teniqua S. Nance
    Fremont Nelson
    Regan Sadler
    Lesley Smalls
    Tracey Watkins
    Brent Whitesides
    Dana Williams

    Garnet & Black Power Alumni Party
    Justin Williams
    Alesha Brown
    Carlos Cato
    Keith Amos
    Brent Whiteside
    Joe D'Angelo
    Sam Johnson
    Antjuan Seawright (consultant)

    Denouement Day Party
    Aubrey Gibson, Jr.
    Shannon Bolden
    Bracy Hunt
    Damion Robbs